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Política de privacidade da LLA


The following text describes how Legal Latin Advisors (hereinafter LLA) manages all the personal data provided by the user every time he access this website, according with the rules of Regulamento (UE) 2016/679 of 27th April 2016 (Regulamento Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais) and the Law nº 58/2019 of 8th August.

This text may be amended without prior notice.


Alves, Andrade Pinhel, Martins, Messias – Sociedade de Advogados S.P. RL, with head office at Rua Tierno Galvan, nº 10, Torre 3, Piso 4, 409, 1070-274 Lisbon, is the responsible entity for personal data processing available on

In case of any doubt or complaint concerning the use of personal data in this website, you may reach LLA through e-mail or telephone +351 21 244 5584 (national landline call).


All personal data mentioned in this privacy policy refer to you, the user, and allow us to identify you directly or indirectly. This data may include, for example, your name, address, tax payer number, email and the interactions you have with our website.

Besides the information that you provide us, we can also have access to your data through other companies, which result from service provision contracts, for example, website management services.

LLA may manage your data for the following purposes:

Every time you send us a message using the contact form available on page "Contacts", for example, asking for information about our services, we keep on our server your name, email, subject and your message contents,

This data will be used in order to reply to your contact request, on the basis of the legal grounds of the need to carry out pre-contractual due diligence at your request or of the legitimate interest of LLA to respond to your requests to contact you, depending on the purpose of your communication.​

We use cookies to allow that the website works properly, analyzing for example, traffic data according to website number of visits. Some of these cookies might collect personal data like IP address of your computer.

The legal basis for this data processing is the permission, which means that theses cookies will only be installed with your approval. We suggest you read our Cookies Policy to know in more detail which cookies we use and its purpose.


All the data we gather will be considered during the period of time strictly necessary to fulfill the purpose that lead us to collect it. When we reach the time limit, your personal data will become anonymous or deleted in a safe manner.

These are the most relevant time limits:

  • Contact form - we will process your data during the time required to answer your request. Afterwards, this data will be stored  together with the reqquest and deleted after 6 months.

  • Cookies – we will process your data during the period in which the cookies remain active.


The personal data that we process may be shared with our associates and other entities that we hire to give us support on our activity, under our supervision and responsibility. Among these entities you may find:

  • Technology service providers and their subcontractors and partners;

  • Advertising and marketing services providers, like email marketing platforms, social media and traffic analysts;

  • Banking and salariy management and processing entities;

  • Accounting service providers.


In most situations, your data will be processed in Portugal or Europe. But it is possible that some of these companies - that take part on the website management - are located outside the European Economic Area.

In order to transfer data to these providers, we demand that they present proper safety guarantees and personal data protection comparable to European Union, namely that they provide a proper protection level for EU Member-States residents information according to European Commission criteria or that they sign a contract with standard clauses approved by the Eurpean Commission.


LLA resorts to physical, technologic and organisational safety measures for personal data protection against destruction, loss, changes, disclosure or forbidden access.

Among these measures, we underline the following ones:

  • The website uses a HTTPS / SSL encrypted connection, following the best recommended safety practices for online services with data transaction;

  • All the data is saved in encrypted data bases and we do periodical backups, in order to reduce the loss of information in case the system fails. The host server has a firewall and standard protection system for web hosting;

  • We monitor all website visits in order to prevent, detect and prevent improper access. The platform that we use is protected with a safety component that limits and blocks improper access attempts and analyses and blocks malware attacks;

  • The number of persons with access to your data is restrict and limited to the purposes above mentioned;

  • We demand to all partners and suppliers that manage personal data to make proof of the same level of protection.


Depending on the purpose and legal basis in which your data processing is based on, you can exercise the following rights:

  • Access, update or correct information about you;

  • Ask us to eliminate your personal data, whenever the information is no longer necessary for the reasons it was collected or when we no longer have legal basis to process them;

  • Ask us to cancel or limit the use of your data, whenever they are not correct or no longer needed for the purpose they were collected, but cannot or you don't want them to be deleted;

  • Whenever the information is not processed according to your consent, you have the right to cancel such consent at any moment;

  • Every time the legal basis for data processing is your consent, you can also ask us personal data portability, in a structured format, of common use and automatic reading, so that we can transfer it to another entity.

  • Whenever the data is processed according to our legitimate interest, you can always oppose to that kind of processing;

  • You have also the right to present a complaint  to CNPD (Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados) regarding any matter related to your personal data processing, in case you decide that your rights were not properly  secured or if you were not satisfied with our answer concerning your request. You may contact CNPD, through e-mail address or using the forms available on the website


If you have any questions or need additional information about data handling or if you decide to exercise your rights as personal data owner, please use our email address or mail address: Rua Tierno Galvan, nº 10, Torre 3, Piso 4, 409, 1070-274 Lisboa.

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