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LLA - M&A e direito societário


Our team has participated in major transactions of great complexity and dimension in the area of M&A, namely regarding:

LLA - M&A e direito societário
  • Transformations, mergers, spin-offs, global disposals of assets and liabilities and redomiciliations to foreign countries.

  • Performing due diligence and acquisition of all types of companies, businesses, assets or production units, advising on the establishment of  joint ventures.

  • Advisory to venture capital companies and funds and to the planning and execution of investment and divestment transactions in companies, namely in LBOs, MBOs, etc.

We have a team that follows the governance of the life of companies in all their aspects. 

LLA - governance
  • Incorporation of companies.

  • Amendments to articles of association.

  • Shareholders’ agreements.

  • General Meetings.

  • Advising boards of directors.

  • General duties and liabilities of directors.

  • Remuneration of directors and senior management.

  • Capital increase and decrease.

  • Debt issuance.

  • Dissolution and liquidation.

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