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LLA - direito marítimo


Our team has extensive experience in the field of maritime law, as a result of decades of practice in other law firms focused on the area, representing major national and international shipyards.
As an area where there are few specialists in Portugal, LLA's lawyers' knowledge has proven to be an asset for clients in the sector to guarantee rigorous legal advice on the matters in question.

The experience of LLA's maritime lawyers extends to advising on contractual matters, such as contracts of carriage and its sub-types, insurance, shipbuilding, registrations, ship registers, mortgages or other, as well as litigation, including arbitrations, both domestic and international.

LLA - direito marítimo

In addition, and since this is an area where arbitration in international markets (especially New York and London) is increasingly standardised, our knowledge and contacts with large international firms present in those locations contribute to the speed of advice and consequent resolution of clients' issues.

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