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LLA - contencioso e arbitragem empresarial


Our team has extensive experience in resolving conflicts through traditional judicial channels, as well as resorting to arbitration when this is possible and advisable.
In view of the fact that this is the last resort available to clients in order to resolve matters, in the first instance we always try as far as possible to negotiate with counterparties. Should it still be necessary to go to court, we try to be as efficient as possible, which means that we study cases in depth in order to always follow the most appropriate judicial route, and consequently the most economical for the client.
We represent our clients in complex legal disputes in Portugal, and we coordinate with our partners in Latin American countries to represent clients in their respective jurisdictions.

LLA - contencioso e arbitragem

Our areas of practice in judicial litigation include commercial, corporate, financial and banking disputes in general, civil liability, mass litigation (credit recovery), contract work, insurance, intellectual property and transport law with an emphasis on maritime law.

Our arbitration team focuses primarily on national and international arbitrations involving entities in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries, conducted in several languages and with different applicable arbitration laws and regulations.

LLA - contencioso e arbitragem

The main areas of expertise of the LLA team with regard to arbitration are in particular construction contracts, including public works and shipbuilding, as well as corporate disputes.

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