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Renata Silva Alves_advogada LLA

I am Renata Silva Alves, founder and partner of Comporta Lawyers, which belongs to Legal Latin Advisors Group.

Since graduating in Law in 2005 from the University of Lisbon, my main practice area has been Real Estate Law, with a focus on real estate transactions, advising national and foreign clients, both private and corporate, in advising clients on real estate matters (such as purchases and sales, lease agreements or tourist developments), urban planning and taxation matters (namely transfer tax, IMI or stamp duty), as well as monitoring and advising on the structuring of residential and tourist developments, from the purchase of the land to the licensing and subsequent sale to the purchasers.

In 2020, I was awarded the Forty under Forty Lawyer of the Year in Real Estate award by The Iberian Lawyer, a monthly digital magazine published by LC Publishing that represents the leading source of information in the corporate legal sector in Spain and Portugal.

Comporta has been my passion for as long as I can remember. It is a parish that belongs to the municipality of Alcácer do Sal, one of the oldest cities in Europe, on the banks of the River Sado, founded before 10000 Ac by the Phoenicians, 15 minutes away and 45 minutes from Lisbon.

I have known Comporta for more than 30 years, since it was just a place of farmers and fishermen. I have spent almost every weekend and holiday at my home enjoying the "people", the beaches, the restaurants and everything else this area has to offer. I was privileged to witness the birth, growth and development of the whole Comporta area. I remember all my friends telling me how strange it was not to go on holiday to the Algarve and choose to come to this area. Nowadays, everyone is "green with envy", they want to buy a house or spend holidays in "my" Comporta.

horizonte praia Comporta

In 2021 I made the decision of my life and moved with my family to Alcácer do Sal. It was a long-standing dream that came true. And, a few months later, after starting my career 17 years ago at PACSA and then Abreu Advogados, Comporta Lawyers was born, a boutique law firm that supports and provides legal services in a niche area - Real Estate - allowing our clients to benefit from all the ties and knowledge - personal and professional - that I have acquired over these years.

Escritório LLA

Almost simultaneously, in April 2022, I was challenged to be co-founder and partner of Legal Latin Advisors, a new law firm in Lisbon, in which Comporta Lawyers was integrated, providing our clients with access to legal advice in several complementary areas such as corporate and M&A, litigation and arbitration, immigration or tax.

At Comporta Lawyers - as the specialist niche that we are - we provide personalised and client-focused services, allowing us to create a stronger relationship where our clients become our friends. Alongside the Comporta Lawyers team, our clients can benefit from a complete structure with legal support in highly specialised areas of Portuguese law and a deep knowledge of the real estate in the Comporta area, its specificities, the local players, both public and private, namely real estate companies, existing developments and projects under construction or being launched.

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